Annual Potato Glean!

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We love to help our community in any way we can, especially when it comes to helping feed the hungry in Western N.C! For the past few years, Jason has worked with Society of St. Andrews (SOSA) and their volunteers.  SOSA is such an amazing organization, they travel all over Western NC to farms to help glean farmers fields so they can help feed the hungry with local produce. We are so appreciative of their volunteers and the wonderful people who work so hard to schedule, plan and work with farmers busy schedules to pick produce for a great cause.

Jason has worked with SOSA for the past few years and it has been nothing but great experiences! Last year, he and Deidre (works for SOSA) had the awesome idea of planting a plot of potatoes for their mission project that year.  That project went so well they decided to make it an annual thing, so this year Jason decided to plant a whole acre of potatoes for them!! SOSA and their volunteers put in so much hard work for this project and we are extremely grateful for them!

Deidre and her volunteers come out in mid-March to help prepare seed potatoes so our crew can get them planted in time.

Once the potatoes are ready, Jason and Deidre get their crews ready and they start to harvest as many potatoes they can! And this is no easy task in hot, humid mid-August weather! There were so many potatoes we didn’t get them all picked in one day so they’ll be out again in a week or so once this rain clears up to finish the field off.

 Again a HUGE Thank You to all volunteers because harvesting potatoes or any crop is no easy or fun task!!

—If you or anyone you know might be interested in gleaning in Western NC, please contact us and we can connect you with the perfect person! They glean fields throughout the week and weekends so if you have time to spare and help, it would be greatly appreciated!!– 


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