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Exciting Things Are Coming To The Farm!

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We can’t say enough about our amazing crew! This winter they have put in sooo many hours building/planning/clearing/updating/painting/throwing hay…you name it, they’ve been doing it! ..And we cannot say thank you enough to them for working so hard doing so!  We have so much going on and I wanted to make sure you all stayed in the loop! 🙂 

One of the many things we have planned to add to our Agritourism department is on site farm camping!  These campsites are amazing…and I am not just saying that because I work here! If extreme privacy, sleeping outside, river front, fresh veggies, and nature are your thing, these sites are made for you! From late April to early November, you’ll be able to be set up right beside a beautiful veggie/corn field and a river you can float down-what could be better for camping!?! You can even schedule a hayride farm tour while you stay! Make sure to keep up with our Facebook page to see pics and more information! 🙂 

The Agritourism department is also getting busy with planning some awesome farm tours and events this year!  Let us know if you have a group (any age) that is interested in seeing how a true farm runs! We’ll take you on a hayride around our fields, look at equipment, plant or pick produce (depending on the time of year), and learn about various growing techniques! We can even take a dip in the river to cool off if you’d like! Besides the farm tours, we are opening our barn/property for events this year!  We already have a few events in the works but would love to have more!  Keep us in mind if you have a birthday (any age), business luncheon, or get togethers–we’d love to have ya’ll!! 

Make sure to keep up with us on Facebook or check our website for more updated information and pictures of what’s happening around here! 


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