Mills River Day 2019

After a few years of taking a break on Mills River Day, our team decided to bring it back! We weren’t sure how successful it would be, but we had high hopes and sure enough, the community was in full support of the whole entire day!

U-Pick Strawberries!
Lonesome Road, Meghan Woods and Levi Orr all performed in the barn during the event!

It was an unusually hot May day, but we had over 2,000 people come out and support all of what Mills River has to offer! Huge thanks to all of our sponsors who helped make this incredible day happen (list below). Also, we had some amazing vendors, delicious food trucks on hand and incredibly talented and local bands preform for us throughout the day! More than twenty booths decorated our farm to help teach about everything from soil and water conservation to fun things to do around here to agriculture!

Guests checking out a hellbender
Cooling off in the river while eating homemade ice cream
Ridin on Faith performed every hour and let guests pet and meet their horses after the performances

This year we even teamed up with local non-profit, Run828, to host the Mills River Family Mile! We started with a mile race around the farm with kids and then had a second one for their parents! Each racer was awarded with a prize after crossing the finish line!

Winner of the first Mills River Family Mile!
Horse drawn carriage rides
Tractor Show

With such a wonderful turn-out, we plan to keep this going for the years to come. We hope to have it around the same time each year, so come next May we hope to see you all here!

— North Carolina Farm Bureau (Henderson County) — ReMax Mountain Living — Subway — Assurance Arms — DB Bar D Outfitters — Land Rover of Asheville — City of Asheville Water Dept.

— Champion Credit Union — Meade Tractor — Edward Jones — Run828 — Bold Rock Hard Cider — The Town of Mills River

— Stump Dump — Mills River Spa — Turf Mountain Sod — Mills River Animal Clinic — Waycaster Tire Service — First Citizens Bank (Mills River) — Mills River Animal Clinic LLC

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Annual Potato Glean!

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We love to help our community in any way we can, especially when it comes to helping feed the hungry in Western N.C! For the past few years, Jason has worked with Society of St. Andrews (SOSA) and their volunteers.  SOSA is such an amazing organization, they travel all over Western NC to farms to help glean farmers fields so they can help feed the hungry with local produce. We are so appreciative of their volunteers and the wonderful people who work so hard to schedule, plan and work with farmers busy schedules to pick produce for a great cause.

Jason has worked with SOSA for the past few years and it has been nothing but great experiences! Last year, he and Deidre (works for SOSA) had the awesome idea of planting a plot of potatoes for their mission project that year.  That project went so well they decided to make it an annual thing, so this year Jason decided to plant a whole acre of potatoes for them!! SOSA and their volunteers put in so much hard work for this project and we are extremely grateful for them!

Deidre and her volunteers come out in mid-March to help prepare seed potatoes so our crew can get them planted in time.

Once the potatoes are ready, Jason and Deidre get their crews ready and they start to harvest as many potatoes they can! And this is no easy task in hot, humid mid-August weather! There were so many potatoes we didn’t get them all picked in one day so they’ll be out again in a week or so once this rain clears up to finish the field off.

 Again a HUGE Thank You to all volunteers because harvesting potatoes or any crop is no easy or fun task!!

—If you or anyone you know might be interested in gleaning in Western NC, please contact us and we can connect you with the perfect person! They glean fields throughout the week and weekends so if you have time to spare and help, it would be greatly appreciated!!– 


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It’s Strawberry Season!!

I have waited months to say it….Its strawberry season!!!! Our crew did an amazing job taking care of these plants all winter long…and with this crazy weather around here, its no easy task! We were able to start picking last week and our office has been full of berries since! I’ve listed where you can find our strawberries below…but always feel free to call our office to confirm locations or plan a day to U-Pick!!

We are currently selling them at the produce stand (4109 Haywood Rd), our office, U-Pick field, and other local produce stands!

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Exciting Things Are Coming To The Farm!

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We can’t say enough about our amazing crew! This winter they have put in sooo many hours building/planning/clearing/updating/painting/throwing hay…you name it, they’ve been doing it! ..And we cannot say thank you enough to them for working so hard doing so!  We have so much going on and I wanted to make sure you all stayed in the loop! 🙂 

One of the many things we have planned to add to our Agritourism department is on site farm camping!  These campsites are amazing…and I am not just saying that because I work here! If extreme privacy, sleeping outside, river front, fresh veggies, and nature are your thing, these sites are made for you! From late April to early November, you’ll be able to be set up right beside a beautiful veggie/corn field and a river you can float down-what could be better for camping!?! You can even schedule a hayride farm tour while you stay! Make sure to keep up with our Facebook page to see pics and more information! 🙂 

The Agritourism department is also getting busy with planning some awesome farm tours and events this year!  Let us know if you have a group (any age) that is interested in seeing how a true farm runs! We’ll take you on a hayride around our fields, look at equipment, plant or pick produce (depending on the time of year), and learn about various growing techniques! We can even take a dip in the river to cool off if you’d like! Besides the farm tours, we are opening our barn/property for events this year!  We already have a few events in the works but would love to have more!  Keep us in mind if you have a birthday (any age), business luncheon, or get togethers–we’d love to have ya’ll!! 

Make sure to keep up with us on Facebook or check our website for more updated information and pictures of what’s happening around here! 


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New NRF Members!

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There has been a lot happening here around the farm since our last posts. One big change that we are all excited about is adding some new members to our farm! A few months back, we added about 30 beautiful cows to our farm and they have been doing awesome!  Our crew has been checking on them daily and keeping them well fed! All are happy and healthy!

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Mills River Day 2015

Mills River Day 2015 was a wonderful success. We had even more visitors than last year–nearly a thousand people showed up to celebrate the river that connects us all. More than thirty booths decorated North River Farm, teaching about everything from soil and water conservation to fun summer camps to agriculture.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this day possible! The Mills River Partnership put on this event, and we’re so grateful that we were able to have it at North River Farms.  We enjoyed all of the booths, music, authors, vendors, and community members who came out to make Mills River Day 2015 the best one yet.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you next time!


The first 100 visitors received complimentary hanging baskets.



Harrison was one of the first to take the farm tour.



Many booths feature fun activities for kids.


We had quite a variety of farm animals this year!


If you like tractors, Mills River Day is the place to find them.


A volunteer with the Cradle of Forestry tunes her guitar.



Our state reptile, the Eastern Boxwood Turtle.


Live bees filled the glass hive at this booth.


We always enjoy the ice cream from Ken and Marilyn Cole!


Kids loved touching the live snakes. Well, some kids did.


Mountain True gathered samples from the river.


Big thanks to The Lonesome Road Band for returning this year!


Three huge inflatables kept all the kids happy and active.


Quite a crowd gathered to hear the raffle tickets be drawn.


Just a few of the booths that we were set up on Sunday.



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Mills River Day 2015: The River Connects Us

Hello, everyone! It’s the time of year again for us to be preparing for Mills River Day. Last year, the Mills River Partnership sponsored Mills River Day for the first time. We’re excited that it has become an annual event, with the second Mills River Day taking place on Sunday, May 31st, rain or shine, from 2:00-5:00.

Mills River Day- Flyer-Poster 2015

If you came out to Mills River Day last year, you know all about the ice cream, farm animals, equipment display, live music, and wagon rides. All of those fun activities will be back this year, plus barbecue, a book signing, fly-fishing demonstrations, a farm simulator, a fire safety house, and more.  Admission is free, and the first 100 guests will even receive a free flowering hanging basket.

We had so much fun at Mills River Day last year, and we hope that even more of our community members come out to connect this year.  If you would like more information, check out this video from the Mills River Partnership.

We hope to see you there!

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Making Molasses at North River Farms

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It has been a busy autumn at North River Farms. Our molasses facility is open, and we were thankful that Jason’s grandfather and grandmother were able to be with us as we made the first batch of molasses. They are the inspiration behind our expansion into molasses; we have the original equipment that they used in making their own molasses, and their experience and expertise has been invaluable as we’ve begun this venture.

If you’d like to learn more about how we operate our equipment, check out this great article from the Blue Ridge Times. Many thanks to them for helping us spread the word about our old-timey molasses!








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August at the Farm: Society of St. Andrew and a Farm Tour

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On August 18th, North River Farms was pleased to be able to donate a potato field to the  Society of St. Andrew. The Society of St. Andrew is an organization that gleans food straight from farmers’ fields in order to feed the hungry.

There were forty-two volunteers that came to glean the potatoes, and our crew helped, too. With all of that help, we were able to harvest and donate 5,238 pounds of potatoes!

photo 4 (1)

photo (44)


We’ve also been busy giving farm tours. We hosted folks from the Emeritus at Pine Park living facility for a farm tour, picnic, and u-pick session.



It was a wonderful day at the farm. Thanks for coming, Pine Park residents!


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Coming soon to North River Farms: Molasses!

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Since the beginning of June, North River Farms has been working hard to complete our new molasses mill and cooking facility.



It isn’t quite ready yet, but we’ve made a lot of progress. We expect it to be completed in October, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the meantime, we’ve been busy growing a field full of sugar cane a few miles from the farm. Harvest time should come toward the end of September.


Once the facilities are completed and the sugar cane is harvested, the real fun will begin. We will host live molasses-making demonstrations at our farm in Mills River. Making molasses is an all day affair, and we will welcome all visitors and observers! People have been making molasses in the North Carolina mountains for generations, and we are excited to invite people to take part in this educational process.

If you’re interested in attending any of our molasses-making demonstrations this fall, be sure to like our page on Facebook and stay tuned for updates!



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Farm-Fresh Zucchini Bread Recipe

It’s one thing to come get a box of zucchini fresh from our farm, but it’s quite another to know what to do with your vegetables once you get them home. Zucchini is a summer staple, but it isn’t a vegetable that can be eaten straight out of the field. There are tons of ways to cook your U-Pick zucchini, though, and we thought we’d share a few of our favorites with you for inspiration.

First up, we’re going to share a recipe for a good old-fashioned zucchini bread. Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or a snack to enjoy with your coffee, zucchini bread is great to have on-hand.




Zucchini Bread

3 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
3 eggs
2 1/4 cups sugar
1 cup vegetable oil
3 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups grated zucchini

Optional: 1 cup chocolate chips and/or 1 cup chopped walnuts


Preheat oven to 325. Grease two loaf pans (8×4) and set aside. Grate 2 cups of zucchini, either by hand or in a food processor, and set aside. Don’t peel the zucchini first.

Mix flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon together in a bowl. In a separate medium bowl, mix together eggs, vegetable oil, sugar, and vanilla. Combine wet and dry ingredients and mix well. Add zucchini and nuts/chocolate chips (if applicable) and continue mixing until well-combined.

Pour into pans and bake for 45-60 minutes. Cool for 20 minutes before removing from pan.


(Adapted from AllRecipes)

What’s your favorite way to prepare zucchini? We’ll be posting recipes throughout the season, and we just might share yours!

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Fun at the Farm

You never forget your first time tubing. The cold water, the exciting currents, the sunny patches that warm you up–tubing is about as much fun as you can have on a river. If you were lucky enough to grow up with a proper Southern upbringing, floating down the river on a giant tube was probably one of the best parts of your childhood summers. North River Farms knows how much Southerners love tubing, so for the past few summers we’ve offered guided tube rides down the Mills River.

1FathersDay2013 085

If you’re looking to enjoy the river without actually having to get into it (We understand–the water can be cold!), maybe an afternoon spent on the banks is more your style. We have a fantastic picnic area, complete with tables, swings, and a campfire spot. While you’re picnicking, maybe you could get some fishing in, too. (You’ll have to bring your favorite fishing pole and your trout-stamped fishing license, of course, and catching the fish is up to you!)


For something truly unique, North River Farms also offers guided horseback rides around our property. If you’re an experienced rider or just want to spend a few hours on the back of a horse taking in some beautiful scenery, this is a great way to spend an afternoon.

And if you just can’t stand the thought of leaving the farm after the great day you’ve had, bring a tent and set up camp by the river. We have a primitive, all-natural campsite available! There is a fire ring, a great spot for a tent, and enough firewood to keep your marshmallows toasted all evening.

The best part about all these fun activities is that you don’t just have to pick one–call us up and we can work out a package that includes two, three, or more of these activities in one awesome day at the farm. All of our activities are by appointment only, so contact us today to schedule your full day of fun at the farm!

North River Farms Tours

There’s just something about a farm that gets people interested. Children are fascinated by farms as soon they can push toy tractors across the floor. Some of the most beloved children’s songs are about farmers–Old MacDonald, The Farmer in the Dell, and B-I-N-G-O all teach kids from an early age that farms are important and fun to learn about.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about farms is that we all, every one of us, depend on them. We might supplement with backyard gardens and homegrown veggies, but the truth of the matter is that we’d all go hungry without farmers growing the bulk of our food. Farms intrigue us because we know they are vital to our survival.

And while most of us would admit to having at least a passing interest in farming, few people are able to say that they truly understand what happens on an everyday basis at a working farm. Sure, we enjoy the produce from farms and the scenery of a field just before the hay is cut, but most people don’t have all the knowledge they’d like to have about farming practices.

For those of you who are curious about farming, and would like to better understand what goes into a successful operation, North River Farms offers farm tours at our Mills River property. Consisting of an hour-long, informative, guided hay-ride, the farm tour is an authentic, entertaining way to educate yourself about farming.


The farm tour is ideal for large groups. If you’re a member or leader of a club or social group, or just part of a group of friends who wants to learn about farming, contact us to make an appointment. 

We can’t promise that you’ll leave ready to start your own farm, but we can promise that you’ll leave with a lot more knowledge than you came in with. And the next time you overhear a conversation about farming, you’ll be able to join in with some insight from your authentic farm experience!

What parts of farming do you find especially interesting? Let us know in the comments!


Mills River Day

On Sunday, North River Farms was pleased to host the first Mills River Day. Sponsored by the Mills River Partnership, Mills River Day was a fun, educational afternoon. We had hundreds of guests who enjoyed ice cream, music by the Lonesome Road Band, educational booths, farm tours, and more.

The weather was cloudy, but that didn’t stop Mills River residents from showing up to take part in the fun. Children played in the bouncy house while adults checked out the antique cars, and everyone learned about the importance of protecting our watershed.

We’d like to offer a sincere thanks to everyone who came out to Mills River Day. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors, volunteers, and most importantly, our fantastic community members. We hope to see you again next year!











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